Service advantages
Our service advantage 
1. Provide the value-added services, door to door the whole process 
2. Reduce the risk of investment and human aspects 
3. Reduce the cost of depth distribution 
4. Easy to implement integration and standardization management 
Kay I T system better 
1. To expand the distribution network 
2. Provide more rapid and accurate information service 
3. Reduce artificial and administrative costs 
4. Improve efficiency 
Kay better professional management 
1. Provide high quality optimization of logistics system planning 
2. Improve the reliability of logistics, to reduce the uncertainty 
3. To reduce costs 
We can do 
1. Through our own network and form of strategic alliance to realize the network coverage rate of 100%. 
2. Implement customer orders on time for order, plans are enforced by 100%. 
3. The entire logistics process less damage, realize the damage rate is less than 1 ‰. 
4. Efforts to achieve zero customer complaints, make customer complaints is not more than 2% in 0.5 hours effectively respond to customer complaints, achieve zero repeat customers complaints. 
5. According to the circuit to deliver the goods on time customer, order completion on time by more than 99%. 
6. Timely and accurate delivery to the customer statements, implementation report accuracy above 98%. 

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