company culture

Enterprise vision: to become China's heavy logistics industry leader. 

Business purpose: to maximize customer satisfaction, employee development to maximize space, maximizing shareholders' equity. 

Operational objectives: lean operations, digital management and building a national network operating groups, climb heavy logistics industry peak. 

Corporate commitment: people-oriented, sincere, safe and efficient, accurate service. 

Service concept: superior service at lower levels, full service to customers. 

Security concept: love life, love and business customers own and others' property. 

Learning concept: lifelong learning, continuous Uplifting, everyone striving to learn talents, companies become learning organizations. 

Staff conduct: an enthusiastic and enterprising, hard work hard to maintain a sound body and mind, creating bright life. 

Employees Eight Dos and Don'ts: to love the company proud to Sungongfeisi ashamed; excellent service proud to serve the poor ashamed; integrity and dedication proud to be ashamed of treachery; in solidarity proud to arrogant ashamed ; to secure construction proud to accidents ashamed; to Zunzhangshouji proud to arbitrary discipline violation ashamed; to learn to improve proud to not make progress ashamed.

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