Service process

 Order: 1, highway transportation director from the customer to accept (fax) send plan; 2, highway transportation scheduling outbound delivery documents from the customer. 3 check the documents 

Remember deng: 1, transportation scheduling distribute goods destination on the registration form, calibration pick-up points receiving customer number. 2 drivers (designated personnel and vehicles to transport dispatching center to take bill of lading, and confirm receipt on transportation assistance 
Call arrangement: 1, fill in the transport plan. 2, fill in the boat, to the situation, tracking feedback form. 3, computer lost. 
Team exchange: 1, according to the delivery direction, weight, volume, as a whole to arrange vehicles. 2, the transport plan to the customer, and confirm to the factory delivery time. 
Pick up the goods delivery: 1, check the vehicle condition. 2, arrive on time customer delivery warehouse. 3, delivery formalities. 4, pick up the goods, cover the carport, the door is locked. 5, do a good job in the factory. 6, phone call receiving customers of time. 
In road track: 1, to set up the receiving customer file. 2, drivers, timely feedback information on the way. 3, and receiving customer telephone delivery situation. 4, fill in the tracking record. 5, there are abnormal situation timely and customer contact 
To sign for it: 1, telephone or FAX to confirm arrival time. 2, FAX the receipt with EMS or FAX back to the driver. 3, single sign for transportation. 4, will deliver the receipt to the customer on a regular basis. 5, to the local market place timely feedback to customers. 
Back to the single: 1, arrived at the designated unloading place exactly on time. 2, goods delivery. 3, hundred sign after receiving STH, guarantee the quantity and quality of transport products and outbound single to customers. 4, understand the deliveryman products to customers in the local market sales. 
Transportation and settlement: 1, tidy up the fee bill. 2, ready to charge delivered to customers, the summary table for confirmation. 

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