Hotel reservations are poly Logistics adaptation "Fair" opened a new market demands humane new business. Aims to more exhibitors from around the world to provide better, more personalized service. Bears make the majority of exhibitors were not just a few days in a worry-time exhibitors demonstrating self. If you have needs in the areas of customer service QQ270120415 please click on the right to get in touch with us, or welcome to dial our customer service hotline: 020-36523595 

Logistics Exhibition is poly exhibition industry to adapt to market demand at home and abroad to carry out new services. Poly Logistics With years of operational experience and a strong network advantage in the freight forwarding industry, 2014 is committed to the development of exhibition business, service in the domestic large and medium exhibition, providing a full range of professional exhibits delivery, transportation, warehousing Pavilion exhibitors, booth delivery, unpacking and repacking, dismantling, transport back to the whole exhibit logistics services. April 2014 Poly Logistics by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) Guangdong Shun letter Logistics Carrier approval, as Guangdong-letter carriers and logistics designated Assembly unified logistics provider, which gather up the logistics of the exhibition business has a "milestone" meaning, poly logistics Fair With broad platform, Ye-to provide quality services for domestic and foreign pavilions of exhibitors, the majority of the praise Pavilion exhibitors. 

Services range 

1. Exhibits train services: the door to the booth exhibitors, booth door to the one-stop logistics services; 2. Provide the exhibition manual handling, forklifts, cranes, trolleys, hydraulic car professional services for the exhibition site; 3. On-site consulting services; 4. Exhibitors provide packaging for storage, distribution services; 5. Before closing the show, follow up and arrange the return shipping matters, to ensure safe and efficient return shipment of exhibits;


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